Happy New Year: The state of the biz in 2015.

ASG NY 2016 logo

In a nutshell…IT WAS BUSY…(So busy that we unfortunately couldn’t keep up with much blogging).

Last year began with some new and exciting print projects and things pretty much never slowed down!  We had one of our busiest summers in the 12 years we’ve been open and, the fall season, well, let’s just say we’re still trying to recover from our craziest fall/winter yet.  January brings a welcomed change of pace, though.  The slow seasons have gotten shorter and shorter over the years (definitely a great thing!), so we have learned to appreciate and take more advantage of this time.

2015 brought along so many new opportunities and collaborations as we expanded our knowledge of water base , discharge and foil printing and learned which are the best garments to apply these techniques to.  However, we are still printing some of the cleanest and smoothest plastisol ink prints in the industry.

If you already follow us on Instagram, you know that we post photos of current prints and videos of our processes often.  If you don’t follow us yet, we encourage you to check out our feed and get a glimpse of what we do here at ASG.

We are determined to keep up with the blog more this year…2016 has some exciting things in store too (new equipment, building expansion, etc…), so it looks like we will have plenty to write about!

Here’s to a wonderful 2016!  We wish you and yours lots of happiness and success this year!

-Mike and Marissa