Not your ordinary print project…

With most of our orders, the process can be pretty  “cut and dry” (pun intended – you’ll get this later…), but sometimes our customers are looking for something that requires a little more thought and maybe even some experimenting.

Back story:  Our customer contacted us wanting a large run of blue shirts for a baptism service.  The shirts would be worn by the “baptizees” during the ceremony, so they needed a color that wasn’t too light that it would be see through when it got wet, yet not too dark blue either.  For the print, they were looking for an ink color that was slightly visible when the shirt was dry, but would really stand out when the shirt was wet.  “Is this doable?”  We were up to the challenge…always.

Once the shirt style and color was decided on (Bella+Canva Unisex Jersey Tee in Heather Aqua), we needed to talk print color and type.  We knew right a way a “tone on tone” color scheme would be the way to go, but should we go water base or plastisol?  Our initial thought was to go with a water base print so the shirt had a more comfortable feel even when it was wet, but one of our concerns with this type of print was that it would also change too much when wet and would not have the contrasting effect we looking for.  So, after more discussion and test runs, we decided that the best route would be to print this one in plastisol.  This way the water doesn’t affect the print color at all and the only “change” you do see is based on the background or shirt going from dry to wet.

The photo below is of the final test prints that we showed our customer – the dry shirt is on the right and the wet shirt, on the left.  For the print color, we went with Pantone 305.  You can see that the print is still easily visible on the dry shirt, but on the wet shirt, it really pops.  We were really happy with the results…but most importantly, the customer LOVED them.

Like I said earlier, this was not a typical “cut and dry” shirt order…you know, because the shirts were wet…(see what I did there?).  It definitely required a little more thought and attention on our part to make sure we achieved what our customer wanted.  This doesn’t take anything away from the easier orders – we always appreciate when our customers keep it simple, too!  Either way, every shirt that goes through our presses gets the same attention and detailed-eye it deserves.  This is what quality is all about!